Installer’s guide to UFH Wiring

Here at Ambiente, our aim is to make UFH installation as painless and hassle-free as possible for all installers. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to answer some of the common questions we receive about wiring wet underfloor heating. If you have any further questions about UFH wiring that you think we should add, get in touch!


What is a UFH wiring centre?

The wiring centre is where all the wiring for a UFH system meets. It is fed by a 230v fused-spur supply and coordinates the signals received from each of the heating thermostats.

When each thermostat calls for heat in any one of the heating zones the following happens:

  • The zone valve on the primary heating circuit opens (only on the first thermostat calling for heat – it then remains open until the last thermostat reaches temperature)
  • The manifold pump is fired, maintaining the flow rate around the UFH pipework loops
  • Sends an ‘enable’ signal back to the boiler to activate it, if it is not already firing

We supply wiring centres for 230v, 12v and also radio-frequency wireless systems, suitable for 1 to 8 heating zones. Some simple systems with a single zone can be controlled without a wiring centre or individual actuator valves on each loop – this wiring can be set up from the ‘back-end’ switching on the zone valve.


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Common problems with UFH wiring

One of the most common problems that installers encounter is leaving the wiring too late in the UFH installation process. You must make sure the wires are run at the first-fix stage, from each thermostat position back to the manifold location. If the wires are not run at the first-fix stage, you will normally be forced to use a wireless control system, which is not only more expensive but potentially higher-maintenance in the long term.

Guidance on installing one of our wet underfloor heating systems is also available from our expert team. All Ambiente accredited installers have access to key resources that ensure a safe, successful and quick installation. With all the documentation and technical details you need at the click of a button in our resources section, and all the support you need just a phone call away.

Another common problem with UFH wiring is ensuring that the correct wiring is run from each thermostat position. Most UFH thermostats require a 3-core + Earth, 1.5mm cable for 230v thermostats and a screened network cable for 12v thermostats. There are exceptions to this, however, for example, our DS-SB thermostats which require 4 core + earth cables.

For every thermostat we stock, we let you know exactly which wiring type is required so there’s no chance for error.


What are the wireless wet UFH options?

If the wiring was forgotten at the first-fix stage, or if it’s a retro-fit underfloor heating project where the floor construction cannot be lifted, there are wireless options we can offer.

The NeoAir Wireless is ideal for those looking for a totally wire free and app controllable solution for heating and hot water. It’s compatible with UH8-RF and RF switch receivers, click below to see the wiring instructions:

NeoAir Wiring Diagram

We also provide a wireless version of the Ambiente Touchscreen Programmable Room Thermostat, which is the most popular model for controlling individual heating zones. This works in conjunction with a wireless wiring centre (UH8-RF) or with a receiver (RF Switch). Click below to see the wiring instructions:

Wireless Touchscreen Programmable Room Thermostat Diagram


Wireless wet UFH wiring options from Ambiente


How to wire underfloor heating thermostat and manifold

The answer to this will, of course, depend on the controls you choose for the underfloor heating system. Luckily, all Ambiente thermostats come with full UFH instructions and UFH wiring diagrams, which make installation simple. They include an easy to follow layout, which shows clear wiring colours that help you successfully connect thermostats to the underfloor heating manifold.


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Underfloor heating wiring diagrams

Once you know which wiring type is right for the system and the thermostat you’re installing, you can head to our resources section where you can choose between UH2, UH1, UH1-W, UH3, UH8-RF wiring centres as well as view a trades layout and single zone wiring diagram if needed.

Below you can see an example wiring diagram, which is for a UH8 wiring centre connecting DS-SB Thermostats. Click on it to view the full version – you’ll be able to see the easy-to-follow wiring colours and the wiring type requirements for each part of the installation.

UH8 Wiring Diagram


Any questions on UFH wiring?

If you would like more guidance on underfloor heating wiring, then get in touch with us today.


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This article was written by Robert Tuffin.

Robert is the General Manager at Ambiente and has been working in the underfloor heating industry since 2012.


Date last reviewed/updated: 07.03.2019