At Ambiente we are confident that we will have a wet underfloor heating system that meets your requirements – we have supplied our systems into many different building types from residential dwellings to museums and commercial properties. We have also developed many bespoke systems where conventional systems simply don’t cover the requirements.

Download our Floor Build-up Table, to show what layers can be installed over our UFH Systems

Download our Heat Output Table, to show what each of our UFH systems can achieve

We develop our wet underfloor heating systems with a number of factors in mind:
low running costs, ease of installation, practical control solutions, to name but a few.

Screeded Floor

Screeded systems are the most popular and effective type of underfloor heating. Pipes are clipped or stapled onto an insulation layer, then the screed is laid on top. The warm pipes effectively heat up the whole slab, giving even and consistent heat output.

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Suspended Floor

Used for joisted or battened floors, we offer a range of plated solutions to suit each application. The aluminium plate either spans the joist or is fixed from underneath and supports the pipes as well as spreading heat for an even heat output.

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Floating Floor

Floating floor systems consist of UFH pipes laid directly into pre-grooved and foiled insulation boards, which can be laid directly onto the floor surface below.

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Low Profile Systems

Low Profile systems are ever-increasing in popularity as more people see the benefits of underfloor heating and want to add it to their property. These systems can be laid onto solid floor surfaces to provide an even heat output with minimal floor build-up.

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Specialist Systems

Ambiente has developed some specialist systems to cater for specific requirements such as structural floor areas and raised access floor systems, and even a wall heating solution.

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Bespoke Systems

Ambiente offers the unique services of manufacturing bespoke systems to cater for any unusual or demanding requirements. Our design team will be happy to assist you in your project and work with you to come up with the best system to meet your needs.

To talk about your bespoke requirements call the Ambiente technical team today on 01707 649 118

UFH solutions for existing buildings

The most recent addition to the Ambiente range has been a collection of solutions to be fitted into existing buildings. This has developed as more and more people are seeing the major benefits of underfloor heating over traditional convectional heating methods and want to add it into their property. Here the critical factors are low build-up and minimal disturbance of existing floors, while maintaining a good enough output to heat a room effectively.