AmbiDeck 18 Pro is the latest innovation from underfloor heating manufacturer Ambiente, providing insulation and rigidity for installation under a range of floor types, from timber to tiles.

Cleverly combining the workability of an insulation board system with the advantages of cement board, Ambiente’s AmbiDeck 18 Pro provides installers with a low profile underfloor heating (UFH) system, which is capable of taking a range of floor finishes directly.

Made up of an 18mm high-density XPS insulation panel, cement-coated and grooved to take 12mm UFH pipework, AmbiDeck 18 Pro is easier to work with, lightweight and more cost-effective than cement-board alternatives. Radius returns are also grooved into each panel making the product universal for all installations and additional pipework channels can be easily routed or grooved as needed.

Gerry Shephard, Ambiente Business Development Manager, said: “We launched the AmbiDeck 18 Pro in response to what our customers told us: Grooved insulation board isn’t strong enough to support tiled flooring; Grooved cement board is heavy, difficult to work with and hard to cut. So, we wanted to find a way of combining the benefits of each of these overlay systems, into one, unique solution.

“The key for us was in using the high-density XPS insulation panel. This met the requirement for incorporating an element of insulation, but importantly, provided a greater degree of rigidity, meaning that a relatively thin coating of cement would be needed to achieve the strength required to support a wider range of flooring types.”

AmbiDeck 18 Pro must be laid on to a flat and level subfloor, which can either be concrete or timber-based, and tiles or wood flooring can be laid directly over the system. Ambiente recommends the system is laid over a combed layer of flexible tiling adhesive for concrete floors, or is secured with screws and AmbiDeck 18 washers over timber floors. Tiles and wood flooring can be laid directly on to the system, while other finishes such as carpets or vinyls will need an intermediate layer before the finish is installed.

Gerry continued: “The AmbiDeck 18 Pro has been enormously successful with our customers since we introduced it last year. We hope as more installers hear about its benefits, it’ll be a product they’re keen to work with too.”

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