Which is the best underfloor heating system for sprung floors?


Wet underfloor heating systems are ideal for sprung floors, including sprung dance floors and sprung sports floors. Due to the unique structure of the sprung floor construction, an adaptable underfloor heating system is required rather than the method used in a traditional screeded system.


What is a sprung floor?

A sprung floor is a special type of ‘floating’ floor, designed to enhance sports or dance performance. The construction is unique in that it is not fixed to the structural layer beneath it, to meet the requirements for shock absorption and energy return, both of which are needed for such activities to avoid injury and maximise performance. Sprung floors are typically used for applications such as sports halls, dance halls, physical education, and other multi-use spaces.


Can I use Underfloor Heating under wooden floor?

A number of different floor finishes are used with sprung floors, most commonly solid timber or engineered timber but others include vinyl, linoleum, polyurethane or rubber. It’s important to consider which floor type is most suitable for the specific activities being carried out, but also which is going to work best with an underfloor heating system.


What are the key heating requirements for Underfloor Heating in these spaces?

Occupancy in sports and dance halls is typically intermittent, which means that the heating solution should have a relatively quick response time, enabling the area to be heated up quickly. Plated underfloor heating systems and grooved insulation systems are therefore well suited to these areas, having much quicker heating response times that traditional screed underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor heating also provides much greater comfort in these applications, with a gentle heat rising from the floor upwards, rather than traditional hot-air heating which can create a dry and dusty environment.

Because of the specific requirements of sprung floors, these spaces are being increasingly heated using wet underfloor heating systems.


Which Underfloor Heating system is best?

Our AmbiPlate 20 and AmbiFloat 20 underfloor heating systems are the most common systems used with sprung floors. Both of these systems have a reflective surface to maximise the reflection of heat upwards, through the floor layers. The reflective properties of these systems assist with the quick heating response time.



Which is the best underfloor heating system for sprung floors?

This system consists of aluminium diffuser plates being fixed directly on to the battens in the floor construction. These plates contain grooved channels into which the underfloor heating pipework is installed in continuous lengths and piped back to the underfloor heating manifold. Before it is installed, insulation should be laid between the battens, laid as close as possible to the underside of the aluminium plates to assist in maintaining contact between the plate and the underside of the floor surface.

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Which underfloor heating is best with sprung floors?

The AmbiFloat 20 system is similar in principle to the AmbiPlate 20, but incorporates the insulation product and the reflective foil surface in one product. The system comprises of grooved and foiled insulation panels, which are installed between the battens, held in place by battens or supports.

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Is Underfloor Heating efficient in sprung floor environments?

There are many benefits of installing a wet underfloor heating system with a sprung floor construction. The above mentioned systems from Ambiente provide an efficient means of evenly heating a large space, with the added bonus of keeping the walls and ceiling free from radiators – resulting in a safer and cleaner environment. This is especially relevant for sports halls, where the risk of injury due to a sharp radiator is high.

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This article was written by Robert Tuffin.
Robert is the Business Development Manager at Ambiente Systems UK with over 5 years experience working in the underfloor heating industry.