The AmbiFloat 30 system is designed specifically for joisted floor constructions and provides a stable and effective form of heating. Similar to the AmbiPlate 30 system, the AmbiFloat 30 system incorporates the aluminium profile and insulation into one product.

The insulation panels are made from high density insulation to provide increased strength and are available in various thicknesses starting from 50mm. Before the insulation panels can be installed, timber battens should be fixed to the sides of the joists at the required depth to support the insulation. The insulation panels are over laid with aluminum foil to provide an equal distribution of heat and are grooved for the underfloor heating pipework to sit within. The pipework is installed in continuous loops within the floor back to the manifold in the normal fashion.

The reflective properties of the aluminium foil face mean that any heat is efficiently pushed up through the sub-floor layers for maximum heat output. The nature of the system means that it has a quicker response that a traditional (screed) UFH system.

System Overview
  • Heat Output up to 80w/m2
  • Incorporates insulation layer
  • Can be used with existing floor constructions
  • ‘Dry’ system – no screed required
AmbiFloat 30 for Floating Floors System Datasheet
For more information on the AmbiFloat 30 for Floating Floors system, call 01707 649 118
Product Code Quantities Required Component Images
17mm UFH Pipe 41010 6 linnear metres per m2 of heated area
Manifold 41320 Depends on heated area - normally approx 1 port per 20m2 of heated area
Manifold Couplings 42200 For 17mm Ambiente pipe
Isolating Ball Valves 42050 1 pair (sold in pairs) per manifold
Manifold Tag 46755 1 per manifold
Pipe bends 41050 2 per port (used to form a neat bend in the pipe beneath the manifold)
Pumpset/blender unit 41434 1 per manifold
AmbiFloat EPS100 board (25mm/50mm) 46000/46040/46044) Check drawings to calculate square meterage
50m aluminium foil tape 92004 1 roll per 25m2 heated area

Please note that the above quantities are only guides, and not intended to cover every situation. Factors such as the heat source, heat loss and other parameters will affect the quantities of some products required.

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