Ambiente underfloor heating manifolds are made out of stainless steel and manufactured in Europe to the highest international standards. They are available in various sizes from two ports, up to twelve. All manifolds are subject to stringent testing and are pressure-tested to 6 bar before they leave the factory.

Underfloor Heating Manifold

The manifold is the central part of any underfloor heating system, where the pipework from each area converges, and where the supply of hot water from the heat source is fed/blended.

Ambiente stainless steel manifolds are designed for use with hydronic underfloor heating systems. They can either be used in conjunction with a pump/blender unit, or coupled directly to the centrally blended/pumped heat source. The manifold is manufactured from pressed stainless steel, and is run through stringent testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Following completion, every manifold is tested to 6 bar pressure (typical operating pressure would be less than 3 bar). As standard the manifold comes with a manual air vent, which can easily be upgraded to an automatic version. A fill/drain point with hose connector is located on both the flow and return bar. Each loop on the flow bar has a flow meter, to clearly indicate the flow rate achieved in each loop – these meters are used to balance the system at commissioning stage, as per the UFH design. Each loop on the return bar has a valve to open/close the loop – this is normally controlled by an actuator valve, which responds to the call for heat from a room thermostat.

Pumpset/Blender Units

On many underfloor heating systems, the water is pumped and blended locally at the manifold. This is done via a combined pump/blender unit, which is fixed to one end of the manifold.

Ambiente offer a unique pump/blender unit, in the form of our new CircoMax – which is completely unique to Ambiente and boasts the following advantages:

  • Pump can be rotated through 90 degrees, resulting in a very slim overall profile, which can fit into a manifold cabinet
  • The unit is easily transferable from one side of the manifold to the other (left or right handed) without the need to adjust or amend the unit
  • It has the latest Grundfos pumping technology in the form of the UPM3 25-70 pump
  • Can pump longer loops than traditional manifold pumpsets
  • Incorporated flow temperature gauge on the flow bar
  • Blender valve has a greater temperature setting range from 25-80 degrees, which is a bonus for commissioning and initial set-up, meaning that systems can be left running at a low flow temperature without threatening sensitive floor coverings.
  • Ambiente also offer manifold cabinets to incorporate all manifold sizes

Our Guarantee

We put so much into the design and manufacture of our products and can confidently say that our industry-leading guarantees will give you complete peace of mind.

Please click here to download the list of guarantees applicable to Ambiente products