One of the key parts of any underfloor heating systems is often overlooked – that is the CONTROL of the system. Due to the behaviour of underfloor heating, in particular the slower response times, it requires more careful control than a traditional radiator system.

Below is an outline of the range that we offer, please make contact with our sales team to learn about the full range, including wireless controls and colour options.

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Dial Thermostats

Although the shift in the controls market has been much more towards digital/programmable thermostats, the basic dial models do still have their place. Buildings such as schools, nursing homes and community centres often prefer to stick with a basic dial model, for the ease of the building users.

As mentioned above, for maximum efficiency, we would always recommend that a dial thermostat is used in conjunction with a system timeclock, to ensure that the heating system is regulated and operates at required times.

Digital/Programmable Thermostats

By far the most popular choice now for underfloor heating is to go with a digital programmable thermostat – not only does this allow the system to operate more efficiently, but it also offers the user more flexibility and means that the heating can be programmed around the lifestyle of the individual.

Smartphone-control Thermostats

An advance on the digital/programmable thermostat range has been the introduction of heating controls via smartphones and other handheld devices.

Ambiente offers the Neo control system which comprises of digital/programmable thermostats which are located in each zone, with the option to upgrade to smartphone control via the introduction of a NeoHub unit, which plugs into your broadband router.

This system is cost-effective and simple to operate, a great alternative to a full BMS control solution – and can also be incorporated as a retro-fit upgrade, providing the necessary wiring (3 core + earth cabling) is in place.

Wiring Centres

The wiring centre is the central wiring point for the control of an underfloor heating system.  The wiring centre receives a signal from the thermostat in each heating zone, which in turn:

  • Opens the relevant heating loop, via the relevant actuator valve(s)
  • Opens the zone valve on the primary heating circuit
  • Sets the local pump running, in order to circulate the water through the pipework
  • Sends an ‘enable’ signal back to the boiler to activate it, if it is not already firing

Ambiente supply wiring centres for 230v, 12v and Wireless systems.  Some more simple systems with a single zone can be controlled without a wiring centre or individual actuator valves on each loop – the wiring can be set up from the ‘back-end’ switching on the zone valve.



Actuator Valves

Thermoelectric actuators are used for the individual control of heating circuits on an underfloor heating manifold – this is especially important with multiple loops controlling different heating zones.

The valve contains a wax element, which on receipt of a signal from the thermostat (normally via a wiring control box), the valve will open, allowing the warm water to flow through the relevant pipework loop.

Ambiente actuator valves are fixed onto the manifold return bar with a M30 nut (part of the valve) and they have a visual indicator, so that you can see at a glance whether the loop is open or closed.  These valves are available in both 230v and 24v versions.

Our Guarantee

We put so much into the design and manufacture of our products and can confidently say that our industry-leading guarantees will give you complete peace of mind.

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