System design

At Ambiente we understand and appreciate how important it is to design your Underfloor Heating System properly. We pay detailed attention to making sure that your system is adequate in terms of being sufficient for the area that you are trying to heat.

Technical Support

We employ a team of highly trained UFH technicians to answer any queries you may have prior to and during installation. This same team will also provide you with excellent after-sales support, giving you complete peace of mind for the future of your system.


For an accurate quotation, we ask you to send us a copy of your floor plan drawings. Our estimating department will calculate the materials you will need to heat the area required. On receipt of an order, we then produce detailed CAD pipe layouts and heat output calculations.

Working with the ambiente design team

Having our own design team means that we can be much more flexible during the design stage and can quickly accommodate any alterations to the layout and other requirements as they are specified by the architect, builder or client.  We can prioritise these changes in our system and minimise delays.

On receipt of your order, Ambiente will produce a full CAD design which features pipe layouts, heat output calculations, flow rates, pipe allocation and much more.  Download an example here to see.

Download Example PDF

Need some advice for your project? Submit the details of your project here and one of our trained technicians will be back in touch with you soon. Key details to submit are: areas to be heated, floor construction, proposed floor coverings, proposed heat source (i.e. boiler, solar thermal etc.). Also, if you have any floor plans, this will enable us to comment and quote more accurately.