Located only a short walk away from Southgate Tube Station, Newby House is perfectly located for any commuter in or out of central London.

Project Details

SYSTEM (Ground Floor) AmbiClip
SYSTEM (Upper floors) AmbiLowboard SRB
CLIENT Yogo Group

Newby House consists of 17 two-bedroom, luxurious apartments, designed and furnished to the highest standards. All apartments are heated with underfloor heating – on the ground floor, the UFH is incorporated within the floor screed using our AmbiClip system. On all upper floors, our AmbiLowboard SRB system is used, boasting minimal floor height build-up, with tiles able to be laid directly over the system – a total build-up of just 18mm.
One of the many benefits of underfloor heating is free wall space, with no radiators – this allowed the interior designer complete flexibility of design. The heating is zoned individually for each room, allowing the future owners to programme the heating for each room and maximise overall system efficiency.

If you have a project that would benefit from an Ambiente underfloor heating system call 01707 649 118