This project consisted of two new-build blocks of residential apartments in Chigwell, Essex – with underfloor heating installed throughout all units.

Due to the construction method, a ‘floating’ Underfloor Heating system was identified as the best solution. The AmbiFloat 10 system was installed throughout all units, which consists of a grooved and foil-faced insulation board with pipework laid into the grooves. The system was then over-laid with a structural flooring board, to accept the floor finishes on top of this.

Project Details

SYSTEM AmbiFloat 10
CLIENT Lakehouse Plc

The system is controlled by Ambiente DS-SB set-back dial thermostats. These thermostats are an easy to use dial thermostat, while also incorporating a night set-back function. This means that in an ‘off’ period (i.e. when heating requirement is met), instead of switching the system off completely, it just drops back by four degrees. This ensures that there is always some heat in the system, albeit at a reduced level and makes for a much more efficient heating pattern.

Underfloor heating was the preferred option due to three main factors: Heating efficiency, freedom of interior design and flexibility of control. Just three of the many benefits of Underfloor Heating!

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