At Ambiente, we are forever looking at ways to make your installation easier and smoother. Having listened to valuable customer feedback, we have come up with our exclusive, new packaging plan ‘Ambipak’. This is a unique and innovative method of packaging up your order to ensure that you only need to unpack each item as you require them, greatly reducing the risk of parts going missing on-site.

Ambipak colour coded packaging plan, designed for your convenience

Red Items

These are your first fix items. So everything you will need in the initial pipework installation – pipe, manifolds, couplings, fixings etc.

Items typically consist of:


Pump/Blender valve

UFH pipework

Pipe fixings/Clips etc.

Yellow Items

This includes all second fix, or electrical items. Thermostats, wiring centres, actuators.

Items typically consist of:


Wiring centres

Actuator valves

Remote sensors

Green Items

Finally, documentation. All the information you will need for your project – installation guides, UFH designs, pressure test certificates.

Items typically consist of:

UFH layout/design

Relevant installation guides

Wiring information/diagrams

Other information

Do you have bespoke documentation requirements? Speak to our operations team today, we can set up your personal preferences so that you receive your AmbiPak in the same, preferred way, every time!